Get to Know Us



Yoga Instructor/ Personal Trainer

Stevie began her Yoga voyage in 2014. When She went to a yoga studio, The Lotus Center in Silver City, NM. the rest was history. She fell hard, hard in love with the movement, meditation, and conscious breath work that encompasses the practice of yoga. In 2019, she began her yoga teacher training and received her RYT 200HR through Sani Yoga Studio in Albuquerque, NM. She has trained in Trauma Informed Yoga and continues to research and practice.
Continuing to learn and gain more knowledge about her practice is important to her.
She values non-judgement and inclusivity. She wants to be transparent, help people feel safe, and feel like they can be theIr truest selves on the mat and off the mat.
Stevie values an energetic practice but listens to a room of people and intuitively adjusts a practice to what her students need.
Being in tune with your body is something Stevie emphasizes in her practice.
To trust Their self and to trust the process is her main objective.



Yoga Instructor

Julia began her yoga journey at age 15, 2012. A friend invited her to a hot yoga class at Cloud 9, a studio in Albuquerque, she fell in love. In love with the atmosphere that practicing yoga provides: a sense of freedom from insecurities, a restoration of body awareness and the ability to express ones fullest self.  She has practiced Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram, and other forms of yoga, at studios such as Blissful Spirits, Bhava Yoga Studio and Nirguna. In 2017, she took it upon herself to go through the RYT 200HR with Bhava Yoga Studio. Her teachers are Marisol Brito, Sarah Silverman and Kendra Rickert. Julia is now attaining a 300HR Yoga Therapy Certificate. She has learned that yoga is a way to connect with and appreciate the body and the true self, a reflection of all. Unconditional love is what brings her to the mat. Julia resonates with  slow and steady wins the race, always aligning the body for optimal health and comfort. She no longer shies away from props and teaches her classes with the goal of alignment and self-love. Continuing forward she goes with power and grace, finding balance between energies, the sun and the moon; she understands that you must work with the body and not against it. With every practice she focuses on loving; loving her practice and where she is at, her body, her incapability’s, and her energy and hopes to see this reverberate in others. Emphasizing alignment and self-love, she encourages an unlabeled presence within your journey. Julia speaks to having a conversation with the body, making adjustments as necessary, and imagining the body into alignment.

Finding flow in yoga’s all-encompassing  power, in its raw being. Yoga nurtures our awareness so that we as individuals tune into knowing ourselves so well, that we can act in the true nature of who we experience ourselves to be. 



Yoga Instructor

Meagan believes that yoga helps us to approach our challenges playfully and move on from them with grace. She began practicing yoga in 2009. After ten years of enthusiastic practice and  spiritual growth she became a yoga instructor and reiki practitioner in 2019. She received her 200hr yoga teacher training at Central New Mexico Community College and is certified by the Yoga Alliance



Yoga Instructor/ Reiki Practitioner

Movement found Natalie from a young age as she loved to stretch and dance when no one was looking in her hometown of Espanola, NM. She started seriously getting into yoga in 2015 as a way to help create space in her body to heal a spinal injury that happened back in 2004 which manifested as a way to bring awareness to generational trauma. She fell in love with the practice and became a registered yoga instructor in 2016, learning a variety of techniques including Hatha Yoga, Yin Meditation, Hot Shakti, and more recently in 2020 becoming Trauma Aware™ certified. Natalie has taken an interest in Natural Health and Healing via Holistic Healing Courses, Quantum Healing Courses, Reiki, Shamanic Healing Techniques, Tarot/Oracle Reading, Light Language, and more. She studied Business and Communication at Central New Mexico College (CNMC) which led her to study Intercultural Communications and Psychology at The University of New Mexico (UNM). Her North Star is to hold space for others to heal while exploring a variety of techniques and reminding those who resonate of their eternal well of prosperity and abundance in all forms. Her approach is multifaceted and multidimensional, because she believes that we are multifaceted and multidimensional beings experiencing what we are open to.